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This system runs a full battery of assessments in as little as 15 minute setup.
An interpretive report of risk factors with a wellness health report is generated immediately after the assessment.
Reports are easy to read with color coded graphs and comments identifying key risk areas for your patient.
Understanding these risk factors, are key to providing superior patient care.

Discovering key risk factors has never been more important than now with viral diseases affecting
your patients health and uncovering these hidden risks exasperated by COVID-19 is immeasurably important.

The System can identify risk areas but more importantly, it can help identify endothelial risks within the patient.
COVID-19 affects those with pre-existing conditions such as obesity, diabetes, coronary heart disease, respiratory disease and at higher rates.
It is also becoming clearer that COVID-19 directly attacks the endothelial cells and the body's defense system.
This spreads quickly and causes inflammation in the body including the lungs, heart, brain, renal vessels as well as the intestinal tract.

This System can identify these risk areas by providing detailed test markers of endothelial function
(inflammation, Immune response, Insulin resistance, Vascular Tone, Lipid Profile and Coagulation),
which are now very relevant not just for the overall health of a patient but to the current COVID -19 pandemic.
Furthermore, this System also provides markers for many other hidden diseases and chronic conditions.

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In addition to providing equipment and training to the physician and his/her staff we also provide diagnostic support services and billing consultation. Each system comes equipped with a three-year warranty with extended warranties also available. Remote software updates are the most common servicing required which we do once per month ensuring everything on the system is working properly.  

We strives to provide each System with support solutions specific to your needs.  We provide ongoing Servicing Support, Warranty, Product Replacement parts if there is unforeseen product failure and the ongoing training and software updates.

Multiple levels of Additional support
Direct Customer Support        
Technical/Remote Access Support        
Billing Consultations for clients  
Onsite Training Support        
Warranty and Diagnostic Support        

Having our teams in place sets us apart from other companies. Partnering with Medical Partners allows you to combine your own unique skills with the advanced medical system to optimize patient health and uncover hidden risks in patient population while simultaneously building your own business.

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Dedication to helping our communities!
Everyone dreams of being able to help their community, to help their neighbors and to fulfill their own dreams, especially during such an unprecedented time in history. With Medical Partners, we partner you with a physician or physician group to be on the front lines of helping your community and your fellow neighbors live healthier lives. This has never been truer then today!



This medical device is a microprocessor based, monitor system which identifies, classifies, and collects signals from the human body.
The analog signals are converted into digital data points and transferred to the computer via isolated USB connections.        
This isolation separates the human body from the main power system to ensure patient safety.      
The patient data that is collected from the system and is used to perform the assessments.

The devices are intended for non-invasive measurements of pulse waveforms by photoelectric plethysmography and heart rate electrocardiographs.
Utilization and performance is used for patients in medical clinics, healthcare practices and in out-patient departments within hospitals.

The System is used to detect the following health risks and performs the following assessments:

System Markers

Sudden Death
Silent Heart Attack
Cardiac Autonomic Neuropathy (CAN)

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System Markers

Diabetic Autonomic Neuropathy
Vascular Abnormalities
Orthostatic Hypotension
Small Fiber Neuropathy
Complex Pain Disorders

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System Markers

Diabetic Neuropathies
Enzyme Disorders
RSD - Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy
Multiple System Atrophy

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System Assessments

Arterial Vascular Assessment
Ankle - Brachial Index Assessment
Comprehensive Autonomic Balance Analysis
Cardiovascular Stress Assessment
Arterial Stiffness Assessment

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System Assessments

Valsalva Maneuver Assessment
Galvanic Skin Response Assessment
Cumalitive Physical Assessment
Blood Oxygen Saturation
Blood Flow Rate

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System Assessments

Endothelial Function Assessment
Sudomotor Function
Heart Rate Variability Assessment
Cardiac Reflex Assessment
Systolic Pressure Response Assessment

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What they are sayinG


Autonomic Balance Monitoring is recommended as a standard of care for many prestigious organizations.

Identifying CAN early (specifically parasympathetic or sympathetic dysfunction) and treating it aggressively (based, at least in part, on the autonomic findings) may reduce the emergence of CHD and the ancillary complications.

National Institute of Health

Autonomic testing should be considered in the evaluation of patients with polyneuropathy to document autonomic nervous system dysfunction.

American Academy of Neurology

Given the clinical and economic impact of this complication, testing of diabetic individuals for cardiovascular autonomic dysfunction should be part of their standard of care.

American Diabetes Association
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